Upcoming indie game Crossing Souls lets you try before you buy

Who doesn't love a good old demo!

Remember those good old demo disc that use to come packed in with our favourite magazines. Well, although demo discs maybe something of the past and magazine when you come to think of it, demos themselves are again on the rise. The latest freebie, on PS4 and PC anyway is the upcoming 80’s inspired adventure game Crossing Souls, which is available now, like, right now.

This nostalgic adventure game by independent developers Fourattic and indie publishing powerhouse Devolver Digital see you control five teenagers caught up in the middle of a supernatural government conspiracy. If you’re thinking ‘that sounds a lot like Stranger things’, then you’re pretty much on the money.

Crossing Souls

We’ve only spent a short time with the demo, but straight off the bat, this feels like Steven Spielberg himself had a hand in bringing the game to life. The story follows Chris, Joe, Charlie, Kevin and Matt – who as previously mention are caught up in a conspiracy. To progress through the stages you’ll need to switch between the five character on the fly, utilising each of their unique skills to overcome both enemies and some pretty complex puzzles.

Although we haven’t experienced them yet, it’s rumoured that Crossing Souls is home to some pretty intimidating bosses – who knows, maybe the Demogorgon themselves will turn up? If you’re trying to make sense of what the game actually is let us sum it up in a more simple term. Crossing Souls is best seen as Stranger Things meets The Lost Viking, and yes, it does have the potential to be that good!

Crossing Souls demo is available now on both PS4 and PC and looks to offer a couple of hours gameplay. Whats even better is the fact that your save data will transfer over should you choose to purchase the full game when it releases on PS4 and PC on the 13th February. To see the game in action check out the trailer below.

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