Cloudborn is a VR game based around intrigue

A game built on curiosity and mystery

With virtual reality offering the most immersive gaming experience, it makes sense for a developer to build a game around intrigue and curiosity. That’s exactly what Logtown are looking to achieve with their first title Cloudborn.

Cloudborn is set in a breathtaking virtual world, where players will need to climb cliffs and scale mountains to uncover the secrets of an ancient civilisation. Game Designer, Alberto Amigo says “we’ve made something bright and colorful that’s mysterious and exciting to explore”. Judging by the short teaser trailer below, we have to agree with him.

Cloudborn was build from the ground up for VR, and with full accessibility in mind. The game is supported by both Oculus and HTC Vive, offering a variety of playing style for each platform. Developers Logtown has said the game can be played either standing or seated and also supports a room scale setup.

I know what you’re thinking, all this climbing is bound to make me feel sick. This is also covered, with players having the choice of several locomotion systems; from smooth FPS style movement to a dash teleport system, it looks like player comfort was really at the front of Logtown’s minds when creating the intriguing Cloudborn.

There is no set release date for Cloudborn, but the developer Logtown have said the game should release sometime in September. To get a tease of Cloudborn‘s vibrant world then check out the teaser trailer below.

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