Clockwork looks beautifully atmospheric

A unique and mysterious puzzler coming in 2017

Atmospheric platfromers have stormed their way back to popularity over the past few years, providing me with some of my favourite recent gaming experiences. So what makes a great platformer? is it the thought-provoking puzzles like seen in Playheads Limbo, or game changing mechanics as seen in Braid? Well,Gamesoft’s upcoming release Clockwork looks to combine both, creating a unique gaming experience.


Clockwork is set in the atmospheric city of Watchtower, where a great plague has wiped out most of the population. The few remaining survivors have found refuge within metal walls and metal bodies. Watchtower is a city divided by technology and poverty; images of high rising technological towers leaning over industrial slums paint a contrasting picture.


You play the role of a young boy called Atto, luckily for Atto he has a clockwork companion call Milli. Through Milli’s abilities Atto is able to duplicate himself and slip through time, allowing him to pass certain obstacle in his way. Combining the atmospheric setting of Watchtower and Atto’s ability to slip through time, Clockwork has the potential to provide another stellar addition to an already excellent genre of video games.


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