Brawlhalla will be free-to-play on PS4 from the 17th October

Join 7 million other players in this epic platform fighter

Brawlhalla, the edge-of-your-seat platforming figher will be free-to-play as of the 17th October on PS4. Players can play the game now on their PlayStation consoles but only through purchasing a founders pack.

Since releasing in Early Access last year the game has built up a huge community, 7 million to be precise, most of them on PC, and now with indiependant developers Blue Mammoth Games fighter is getting a full releases that number is only going to go up.

The 17th October isn’t the only significant date for Brawlhalla this week as the 18th October also sees a new fighter coming into the game, adding to the already impressive 34 fighter roster. This new fighter, or legend as their call in the game comes in the form of The Corsair. The Corsair is a ferocious warrior who is bringing a new weapon type to the game, the cannon.

Another feature coming to Brawlhalla, although not at the initial full release is cross-platform play between PC and PS4, which will ineditably onling tighen the already huge community the game has impressively built up. When launched, cross-platform play will be available on all current game modes, including 1v1, 2v2, free-for-all, Brawlball, Bomsketball and Snowbrawl.

If your sitting on the fence about this fighting game then nows the time to try it, after all it’s free (as of the 17th October). Developers Blue Mammoth Games continue to please the community with regular support and contnent for the game, aswell as huge community events including their upcoming Brawlhall Expo World Championchip with a combined purse of $100,000. The developers are even flying out the top players to compete for a share of the purse, who knows, next year that could be you!

Blue Mammoth games have confirmed the game will stay in a free-to-play market, but if players wish to have all the available and future legents unlocked from the go then they can purchase the All Legends Pack for £16.99. To see the game in action then check out the gameplay trailer below.



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