Bounce Rescue: Pleasent Platforming

Beauty and mystery lurks in the depths

It’s fair to say that 2D platforms are one of the most popular choices for indie game developers, for one to get your attention it has to stand out in some way. Bounce Rescue, developed by Bitecore Ltd takes all the classic mechanics of a platformer, creating a charming presentation to deliver a pleasant, sometimes tricky experience.


You play as a blob, well at least I think it’s a blob, who you must safely guide past enemies and through some well thought out level designs to a sparking light. Movement through the levels feels responsive and smooth, in classic platformer fashion there are coins and gems to collect throughout each level, one-hundred coins grants you and extra-life and the gems will add to your high score.


The levels are set throughout a variety of worlds, at the end of each world is a boss, much like in classic Sonic games. The bosses all require different mechanics to defeat, although these mechanics aren’t the most challenging to figure out, the boos fights do bring a nice change to the classic platforming gameplay.


Bounce Rescue features both a single player campaign and local multiplayer. The multiplayer is a fun take on the single-player experience. You can equipped you blob with different weapons to take down up to 4 friends in either capture the flag, deathmatch or survival. With the simple gameplay mechanics the multiplayer is easy for anyone to pick up and enjoy, although I’ll let you decide if bashing a blob with a baseball bat is family friendly.

If you love a simple platformer then you’ll enjoy your time with Bounce Rescue. Although it doesn’t really create anything new in the world of 2D platforming, it’s does the basics well and looks charming to play, check out the trailer below.


Lewis started Indie-Credible in the summer of 2016 after struggling to find a website that justifiably covered indie games. Although he can't deny his love for some AAA games (especially the Final Fantasy series) his true love lies in the indies - people say he plays too many indie games, but we all know that's not possible.