Bomber Crew gets a season pass

Beauty and mystery lurks in the depths

Bomber Crew released back in October, bringing players an FTL inspired simulation game in a WWII setting; challenging players to manage the crew of a Lancaster Bomber. Now the hit indie title has announced a season pass and for the tasty price of £9.99, there’s little reason to not jump back into the stresses of war.

The first DLC pack ‘Secret Weapons’ is already available on Steam. This DLC takes players back to the ‘Big Week’ of WWII in the winter of 1944, where you’ll not only need to take down new enemy aces but also pilot through treacherous weather, as if the game wasn’t hard enough already. alongside the additional mission, the ‘Secret Weapons’ DLC also brings new upgrades for your bomber, as well as new customisation option and a seasonal wintery update to your airbase, all of which will cost you £4.99, or is included in the £9.99 season pass.

As well as a season pass announcement, indie developer Runner Duck and award-winning publishers Curve Digital also announced the release of an ‘out-of-game’ optimised soundtrack. The soundtrack features 49 tracks, all of which feature in the game and can be purchased for £4.99.

Although no other DLC has been confirmed by title, the season pass will feature at least 3 DLC packs, making it pretty good value for money. George Morgan, Product Manager for Curve Digital has said “the next piece of DLC is in the pipeline”.

Bomber Crew is currently only available on PC, but before its release in October developers, Runner Duck did confirm the game will be coming to PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in 2018.

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