SNOW / First Impressions

Check out our thoughts as we play our first 20 minutes of upcoming free to play SNOW. SNOW is developed by indie studio Poppermost. The game will be available e...[Read More]

Indie Game console releases 24/10/16

Want to know what indie games are coming to your consoles this week? then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 25th October Exile’s End –...[Read More]

Earth’s Dawn: Relentless manga style sci-fi action

  If the idea of a 2D side scroller with thoughtful brawler-like combat and deep RPG elements excites you, then keep an eye out for Earth’s Dawn as storms ...[Read More]

Indie Game Console releases 17/11/16

Not a huge week for indie games coming to your consoles; but nether the less, still full of quality.  

EGX left us feeling Rezzed up!

At the end of last month we saw the UK’s biggest gaming event hit Birmingham’s NEC, EGX. There’s no denying that the big boys had come out in full force; Both S...[Read More]

REVIEW / The Bunker

Is The Bunker one of the best horror experiences I’ve had on PlayStation? Yes. Is The Bunker one of the best horror games i’ve played on PlayStation? No. There’...[Read More]

The Little Acre’s demo was beautifully nostalgic

Recently at EGX we were able to get out hands on The Little Acre; a new point and click adventure from indie developer Pewter Games. Before heading to the UK’s ...[Read More]

Black & White Bushido had us on the edge of our seats

We have been looking forward to playing Good Catch Game’s upcoming release for some time now, and boy oh boy, Black and White Bushido didn’t disappoint. We prev...[Read More]

88 Heroes hands on

88 Heroes by Rising Star Games is a actioned packed platformer. We were lucky enough to play the game at EGX a few weeks ago, here’s what we thought. The moment...[Read More]

October indie game hotlist

Its fair to say that this month is looking very busy with big releases, thats not including PlayStation VR. However, amidst all those blockbuster title you’ve s...[Read More]

Pikuniku is too cute!

Hidden within the Rezzed area of EGX is the Leftfield collection; an assortment of unique indie games aspiring to build more attention. It’s within this assortm...[Read More]

Mantis Burns Racing is topdown racing back to it’s best!

EGX may be over for another year, but the memories of playing some brilliant games certainly aren’t. One of the stand out games for us was the top down racer Ma...[Read More]