Mulaka gets a release date… or several release dates

Independent developers Lienzo has not only treated us to a release date for Mulaka but rather a whole release week. The rich Mexican-lore inspired action platfo...[Read More]

Shift Quantum coming to PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC this Spring

Independent developers Fishing Cactus and publishers Red Panda Interactive recently announced that mind-bending, noir puzzle platformer Shift Quantum will be re...[Read More]

Indie-Credible Podcast Ep32 – Crossing Souls looks great, Descenders is great and love is in the air…kind of anyway.

Audio links to the Indie-Credible Podcast: iTunes Soundcloud Dan id Dead! Only messing, but he is absent from today show. Tom keeps up his motivated indie game ...[Read More]

PREVIEW / Descenders

One of the toughest challenges a sports game faces is in building a sense of achievement; making us feel like we’re there, either front row managing our f...[Read More]

Upcoming indie game Crossing Souls lets you try before you buy

Remember those good old demo disc that use to come packed in with our favourite magazines. Well, although demo discs maybe something of the past and magazine wh...[Read More]

PREVIEW / The Forbidden Arts

Please note, all impressions in this preview are based on my current 5 hours with a pre-Early Access build of The Forgotten Arts. Upon hearing about The Forbidd...[Read More]

Meet the team of sassy, food-tastic platformer Bacon Man

In just under a month you’ll be able to get your greasy hands on Skymap Games upcoming, tough-as-nails platforming. But before then the team behind this q...[Read More]

Indie-Credible Podcast Ep31 – Are Subscription Streaming Services the Future of Gaming?

Audio Versions of the Indie-Credible Podcast are available at: Soundcloud iTunes This week’s podcast sees the boys catching up on what they’ve playe...[Read More]

Why Utomik is Indie-Credible for Indie Games

*Please note, we are not sponsored by Utomik or have any financial incentive provided by the company. They provided us with a 3-month trial key to check out the...[Read More]

The Not So Indie Show Ep1 – What we’re excited for in 2018!

The Not so Indie Show is a new show for 2018. As the title suggests it’s a show where we talk about everything, from AAA game s to TV – nothing is s...[Read More]

The Long Reach gets a release date

Earlier this week we got the announcement that psychological horror, adventure game The Long Reach will be releasing just about everywhere on March 14th, includ...[Read More]

January’s Top 5 Free Indie Games on

As a new feature for 2018, we thought we would bring you a spot of free gaming. We aim to playthrough as many free games on every month to bring you a j...[Read More]