Keystone Games unveil launch for Rogue Islands

It’s easy to see Rogue Islands’ blocky, first person visuals and immediately write it off as a simple Minecraft clone but if you take a closer look there seems ...[Read More]

Indie-Credible Podcast Ep12 – Okinawa Rush made us cry!

Firstly let us apologise for the short episode, we are all heading off on holiday and had very little time to record this week. Secondly, we must apologise for ...[Read More]

REVIEW / ChromaGun

For most of us, primary colours are a distant memory from a primary school lesson, and it’s this distant knowledge that first-person puzzle game ChromaGun Chall...[Read More]

The trend of farming sims continues with Farmer’s Dynasty

These last 2 years have seen a huge increase in the development of farming sims, from strict simulation games like Real Farm Sim to more open-world adventure li...[Read More]

Zelda inspired ‘Songbringer’ to release at the beginning of September

One-man development team Wizard Fu and UK based publishers Double Eleven have confirmed that the upcoming Zelda inspired RPG Songbringer will release on PC and ...[Read More]

REVIEW / Nidhogg 2

The original Nidhogg released back in 2014, coming from nowhere and engrossing players with its simplistic design and brilliant multiplayer. For the most part, ...[Read More]

REVIEW / Redeemer

Sometimes games can over complicate themselves, either through multilayered and intertwined stories or requiring the player to learn an array of controls or mec...[Read More]

Indie-Credible Podcast Ep11 – Is Hellblade our Game of the Year so far?

You’ll be happy to hear Tom is back! He joins us as we talk about AAA indie title Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice – a game that delves into the d...[Read More]

Fighting platformer Okinawa Rush is looking for your support

Are some of your fondest gaming memories based around 90’s fighting games like Street fighter 2 and Mortal Combat? Maybe you preferred the hardcore platformers ...[Read More]

Arrow Heads looks to be multiplayer archery fun at it’s best

Have you every had the age-old argument with your friend over who really is the best archer among the group? I mean there’s always that one friend who literally...[Read More]

REVIEW/ Cat Quest

Cat Quest by The Gentlebros is set in a glorious 2D Open World that takes everything you love about role playing games and sprinkles it with cat-nip. Explore th...[Read More]

Indie-Credible Podcast: Ep9 – The one without Tom

This week it’s just Dan and Lewis, but don’t worry, Tom will return. We chat about our highs and lows of all the indie games we played this week, an...[Read More]

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