M. creates a brilliant and immersive VR experience

It’s fair to say that some of the biggest excitement around this years gaming shows has been towards Virtual Reality. It’s no secret that some dubbing this the ...[Read More]

The Little Acre looks seriously charming

The Little Arce is a point & Click adventurer from indie developer Pewter Games. With beautiful hand-drawn artwork and nostalgically arousing animation ther...[Read More]

First Impressions / The Bunker

A lot of our excitement towards The Bunker was not really knowing what to expect from a live-action game. After playing through the first hour the concept makes...[Read More]

EGX / 5 games we can’t wait to play!

The Razzed Zone looks to offer some of the most original gaming experience on the EGX floor, here are 5 games we cannot wait to get our hands on. 88 Heros Dev: ...[Read More]

The Bunker looks to provide sleepless nights!

The Bunker releases this week and looks to create one of the most unique gaming experiences we’re yet to witness on consoles. Indie developers Splendy aim to co...[Read More]

This weeks indie game console releases 19th September

Tuesday 20th September Dear Esther: Landmark Edition (PS4/ Xbox One) Dev: The Chinese Room/ Robert Briscoe Dear Esther originally released on PC back in 2012 on...[Read More]

Syndrome looks atmospherically terrifying

Survival horror games have hugely grown in both popularity and ambition over the recent years; if well developed they can offer some of the most immersive and t...[Read More]

Rad Rodgers Kickstarter

Growing up and playing video games in the 90’s it was impossible to not play a good plaformer, the genre ruled the gaming world for a considerable amount of tim...[Read More]

Bounce Rescue: Pleasent Platforming

It’s fair to say that 2D platforms are one of the most popular choices for indie game developers, for one to get your attention it has to stand out in some way....[Read More]

Super Treasure Arena: Retro MOBA Madness

  Super Treasure Arena, developed by Vennril, throws all the elements of retro-gaming arcade action into a bowl, and mixes them with modern objective-based...[Read More]

This weeks indie game console releases 12/9/16

It’s a great week for console indie gaming, featuring two games from our September hotlist. Tuesday 13th September Rive (PS4) Dev: Two Tribes Rive feature...[Read More]

Mother Russia Bleeds: Brutal Brawling Fun

If you grew up in the 90’s then there’s no doubt your familiar with a good side-scrolling co-op brawler, if you didn’t grow up in the 90’s then you missed out. ...[Read More]