Dead End Job is coming to the Nintendo Switch

Independent developers Ant Workshop have announced that their upcoming 90’s inspired cartoon shooter Dead End Job will release on the Nintendo Switch earl...[Read More]

Unboxing Victor Vran’s Motorhead Collectors Edition

Victor Vran is an action-adventure game that teamed up with iconic rock band Motorhead to release some pretty awesome DLC. Much to our delight, DLC isn’t ...[Read More]

Indie Fight Night Round 1 / Rocket League

Indie Fight Night (IFN) is our new competitive let’s play series. Season one will consist of 8 rounds, each round we’ll compete against each other i...[Read More]

Brawlhalla will be free-to-play on PS4 from the 17th October

Brawlhalla, the edge-of-your-seat platforming figher will be free-to-play as of the 17th October on PS4. Players can play the game now on their PlayStation cons...[Read More]

Indie-Credible Podcast Ep17 – The Switch is smashing it!

Stardew Valley for the Switch is here! So, as you’d expect, Lewis shares his thoughts on it. Dan and Tom also share what they’ve been playing, we al...[Read More]

Robot Gentlemen announce new game: 60 Parsecs!

You may know developers Robot Gentlemen for their highly successful debut game 60 Seconds! A game about surviving in a nuclear fallout bunker with only the supp...[Read More]

EGX / Final Day Roundup

EGX is over (sad face). We take a moment to sit down in the wake of all the excitement and share our thoughts on some of the brilliant indie games we played. Th...[Read More]

Leftfield Collection announced for EGX 2017

The Leftfield Collection is a weird, wacky and unique line-up of indie games that appear at EGX every year and a full list of the games set to appear there has ...[Read More]

DreamBreak is a Soviet cyberpunk adventure coming to PS4 and Xbox One

Almost every time we hear the term ‘cyberpunk’, it’s so often in relation to strict sci-fi game, but DreamBreak takes the cyberpunk aesthetic and mixes it in wi...[Read More]

5 Recommended Kickstarter games to support in September

Every month hundreds of games look for your support through crowd funding. We rummage through all of them to bring you 5 recommended games that we think deserve...[Read More]

Inmates: the new psychological horror from Iceberg Interactive

Publisher Iceberg Interactive with developer Davit Andreasyan announced their new psychological horror puzzler, Inmates, yesterday at Gamescom with a short anno...[Read More]

Keystone Games unveil launch for Rogue Islands

It’s easy to see Rogue Islands’ blocky, first person visuals and immediately write it off as a simple Minecraft clone; but if you take a closer look and there s...[Read More]