Indie-Credible Podcast Ep32 – Crossing Souls looks great, Descenders is great and love is in the air…kind of anyway.

Audio links to the Indie-Credible Podcast: iTunes Soundcloud Dan id Dead! Only messing, but he is absent from today show. Tom keeps up his motivated indie game ...[Read More]

Indie-Credible Podcast Ep31 – Are Subscription Streaming Services the Future of Gaming?

Audio Versions of the Indie-Credible Podcast are available at: Soundcloud iTunes This week’s podcast sees the boys catching up on what they’ve playe...[Read More]

Indie-Credible Podcast Ep30 – What games helped us get into indie gaming

*IMPORTANT NOTICE* – Apologies – Due to a technical issue and a computer crash, the footage of our blue screen is lost for the first 15 minutes. We ...[Read More]

Indie-Credible Podcast Ep29 – Team Junkfish Interview and a lot of Release Announcements

Episode 29 has a special treat for you as Lewis chats with Team Junkfish about their upcoming title Attack of the Earthlings. As always we go through what we...[Read More]

Indie-Credible Podcast Ep28 – A bumper week for indie news and Lewis cannot get over it!

Episode 28 sees us discussing what indie games we played this week, including the hit game from last year Little Nightmares, as well as sharing our thoughts abo...[Read More]

Indie-Credible Podcast Ep27 – Our most anticipated indie games of 2018

Episode 27 is a landmark episode for us as it’s the first episode we’ve ever filmed. The Indie-Credible Podcast will be available at the same time t...[Read More]

The Indie-Credible Podcast Ep26 – Indie Game of the Year

The big one is here and it’s a whopping 2 hours long. As always, we go through what we’ve been playing, which includes Lewis and Tom getting competi...[Read More]

Indie-Credible Podcast Ep25 – Big swords, eating remains and The Game Awards round-up

As always the boys go through what they’ve been playing; which includes a brutally challenging metal-inspired platformer, the remains of a 17-year-old (do...[Read More]

Indie-Credible Podcast Ep24 – Our Indie Game of the Year Shortlist

With the big GOTY discussion nearly here, the boys run through their favourite indie games of the year so far, creating a 9 game shortlist. Listeners can vote f...[Read More]

Indie-Credible Podcast Patreon Exclusive – The Game Awards predictions

Indie-Credible Podcast Patreon Exclusive – The Game Award predictions Patrons get 2 weeks early access to our bonus, topic-based podcasts. This month̵...[Read More]

Indie-Credible Podcast Ep23 – Hellblade is in the money and soon we can clean on the go!

Indie Credible Podcast Ep23 As always the boys go through what they’ve been playing, which sees Tom goes back to an old classic, Dan getting beaten up by ...[Read More]

Indie-Credible Podcast Ep22 – Is The Darwin Project the best Battle Royale inspired game yet?

Indie-Credible Podcast Ep22 – Is The Darwin Project the best Battle Royale inspired game yet? As always we share what we’ve been playing this week, ...[Read More]