Black & White Bushido: Multiplayer Madness

Coming to consoles early 2017

Some of my favourite gaming memories come from a time when you would have several friend over for some seriously tense couch battles; games such as Goldeye and Mario kart instantly come to mind. Now although local multiplayer has’t completely died off, it definitely has dipped since the boom of online gaming, most game’s i’d rather have the screen to myself to play against friends. However i think I may have found a reason to get some mates over, order pizza and dive into some epic couch battles.


Black & White Bushido’s multiplayer looks seriously epic! The game released earlier this year on steam and is gracing consoles with it’s presence in the month of September. So why should you be excited for Black & White Bushido? I have to mention now the game isn’t only a local multiplayer experience, it also offers a single player campaign and an online multiplayer mode (new to consoles).


Although both the single player experience and online modes look good it’s the local multiplayer thats got me really excited. Developers Good Catch Games have done a great job in taking the classic game hide and seek and putting a seriously tense and deadly twist on it. The thought of disappearing into any matching colour background excites me with all the cunning stealth possibilities. Sitting next to your friends while plotting an ambush, not knowing what their planning has all the ingredients to create some true tense and memorable moments.


The stealth but chaotic action can have up to four players in a match, both online or offline, with two game modes; capture the flag and death match. The game offers a another brilliant mechanic in that the colour of the background can sporadically change, so if your thinking of camping then think again!

If you still need some convincing on how good this game looks then check out the brutal gameplay trailer below.

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