Black & White Bushido had us on the edge of our seats

Beauty and mystery lurks in the depths

We have been looking forward to playing Good Catch Game’s upcoming release for some time now, and boy oh boy, Black and White Bushido didn’t disappoint. We previously mentioned how we hoped the game would create some tense multiplayer situations, and trust me when I say that it certainly did. I found one of the games so tense my palms were literally sweating, apologies to whoever used that controller next.

It’s the combination of well design levels and a unique playing environment that provides the foundation for these epic multiplayer battles. The game is set in a complete black and white world, you choose to either play as the shadow team or the light team; your teams colours pays a huge part with what background you blend into – light blend into the white background, shadow into the black background. Standing completely still or using sneak walk allows you to stay hidden, but the slightest of normal movements and your completely exposed.

Players can perform a melee attack or a dash attach, providing a little range to your attacking options. There are also several power-up placeed around the map, the most useful being the traps. By placing these bad boys you can cover certain areas, if an opponent walks over the trap they will bleed for a few seconds, exposing their position. On more that one occasion I knew where my opponent was, but wasn’t too sure if they knew my location – were they just waiting for me? or as worried as I was about being ambushed!

It’s these situation in Black and White Bushido really engrossed me in the matches, which can be played either 1v1 or 2v2. Upon death you respawn pretty quickly, allowing you to get straight back in the action, or run and hide, hoping to never be found again.

Black and White Bushido is currently available on steam. Console players will have to wait a little while longer, with the game releasing later this year.


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