Bard’s Gold: Excellent Dungeon Adventure

Beauty and mystery lurks in the depths

Do you love retro-gaming? Do you love to be challenged in a game? If the answer to both of these is yes, and it should be, then Bard’s Gold is the game for you. Pixel Lantern’s 2D platformer invites you in with its welcoming pixel presentation, and locks you in with it’s devilishly challenging level design.


Bard's Gold 1


You paly as a Bard, and guess what…you got it yet?…thats it, your trying to find his gold, well any treasure really. The game is made up of 4 worlds, each world offering a variety of levels. The levels are not procedurally generated but do change with each play through, offering a slightly different experience each time. speaking of play throughs, you will have many as the game is hard, very hard; it reminded me just how challenging old school platformers use to be.

Each level is set up in a dungeon like format; find the key, kill the enemies and unlock the door. Thats what I enjoy so much about the game, the simple concept makes it so easy to pick up…just very hard to finish. Hidden in various levels are shops where you can spend you found gems on upgrades, they reminded me of the shops in Alex the Kid.


Bards Gold 2


Although the game offers a real challenge, there is some consolation in death; any gems you have left over can be spend on upgrading your health, meaning each time you die your a little closer to making in easier. Bard’s Gold offers players 3 levels of difficulty: Normal, retro and rogue-like, if you finish world 1 on rogue-like then hats off to you.

Bard’s Gold features cross-play, it is great to play on a tv with a controller in hand but I found myself playing it more on my Vita. For the ridiculously small price tag Bard’s Gold has provided me with hours of fun…and frustration. With only 2 worlds complete I will definitely be venturing back into the dungeons to help the Bard find all his gold.


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