Lewis Woodhouse

Lewis started Indie-Credible in the summer of 2016 after struggling to find a website that justifiably covered indie games. Although he can't deny his love for some AAA games (especially the Final Fantasy series) his true love lies in the indies - people say he plays too many indie games, but we all know that's not possible.

Clockwork looks beautifully atmospheric

Atmospheric platfromers have stormed their way back to popularity over the past few years, providing me with some of my favourite recent gaming experiences. So what makes a great platformer? is it the thought-provoking puzzles like seen in Playheads Limbo, or game changing mechanics as seen in Braid? Well,Gamesoft’s upcoming release Clockwork looks to combine both, creating a unique gaming experie...[Read More]

This weeks indie game console releases (5th September)

Mondays don’t have to be that bad, well, sometimes they can be, but on the bright side however, with a new week comes a new host of awesome indie games to delve into. Tuesday 6th September DOGOS (PS4) Developed by OPQAM Inspired by classic Shoot ‘em up games, DOGOS looks to bring us frantic and fast-paced arcade style action. Players play the role of Desmond Pheonix, a highly skilled pilot in comm...[Read More]

Sci-fi shooter Beacon looks like a blast to play

  Beacon looks to bring fast pace, frantic sci-fi action to the Xbox One. This top down shooter is created by indie developers Monothentic. Players take the role of a rouge character looking to survive on a randomly generated hostile planet. The aim of the game is to search for your distress beacon, in the hope it will aid your escape from the planet. Beacon hosts a variety of nice gameplay f...[Read More]

First Impressions: Four Sided Fantasy

Four Sided Fantasy is a charming and unique side scrolling puzzler, created by LudoLand. The game breaks the limits of most side scrolling games; by jumping from one side of the screen you have the ability to wrap around to the other side. I’m only one hour into my first play through and already this mechanic has baffled me several times, often requiring  you to think outside the box to progress i...[Read More]

Bard’s Gold: Excellent Dungeon Adventure

Do you love retro-gaming? Do you love to be challenged in a game? If the answer to both of these is yes, and it should be, then Bard’s Gold is the game for you. Pixel Lantern’s 2D platformer invites you in with its welcoming pixel presentation, and locks you in with it’s devilishly challenging level design.     You paly as a Bard, and guess what…you got it yet?…thats it, your trying to f...[Read More]

September Indie Game Hotlist

As I’m sure your aware the closing months of the year (September, October and November) host the releases of some of the biggest games of the year; from ferocious first-person shooters to epic open world adventures, theres no denying this is when the big boys come out to play. However, if you fancy delving into a unique adventure for less than half the price then you are in luck. Here are four ind...[Read More]

Absolute Drift: Zen Edition Review

Drifting in motorsport has hugely grown in popularity over the years; now being regarded as it’s own entity, a motorsport of skill, precision and drifting on the edge of control. Indie developer Flippfly’s Absolute Drift: Zen Edition takes all these elements and puts them in to a beautiful minimalist environment, combine this with an excellent chilled electronic soundtrack and you treated to a uni...[Read More]

Spy Chameleon is charmingly challenging

Are you looking for a logically challenging puzzle adventure to get you teeth into? Even if your not should check out Spy Chameleon. Unfinished Pixel’s arcade puzzler is super easy to pick up and play, but as you progress the challenge gets hard, especially if you are trophy hunter. The game has you take control of a Chameleon, clue’s in the title, who must make their way through various traps and...[Read More]

Yesterday Origins looks nostalgically beautiful

As a kid there was nothing I loved more than heading to my friends house to help him solve some of the wonderfully challenging tasks in Day of the Tentacle. The 90’s was the decade the engrossing point & click genre, with brilliant titles such as; Day of the Tentacle, Monkey Island, Grim Fandango and so many more. I know point & click adventures never fully disappeared but I have struggled...[Read More]

Castles: brick building fun that feels nothing like it’s small price tag

As we all know gaming can be an expensive hobby, splashing out £50 on a new game can also be a risk. Cheaper games are often past over or judge as being a poor game, well, Whoot Games has proven that is not the case with Castles. Castles is a charming top down brick matching puzzler, think Bomberman meets 3-of-a-kind… just without the bombs. You play the role of a little engineer, who’s king has s...[Read More]

Vampyr will challenge your morals

I know some people would argue that DONTNOD’s upcoming release Vampyr isn’t an indiegame, but as a developer DONTNOD still runs independently… and the game looks bloody amazing. In case your asking ‘who are DONTNOD’, well, you have them to thank for Remember Me and Life is Strange, which happens to be one of my favourite games of the last few years. So, enough about DONTNOD, more about Vampyr. Vam...[Read More]

AER: Memories Of Old looks stunning

Recently we have been spoilt with beautiful worlds to explore within indie games; just look at the stunning ABZU released earlier this month – and boy did I love that game. So if getting lost in an awe-inspiring environments is your thing then you’re in luck. Forgotten Key’s AER: Memories Of Old is a new and exciting exploration puzzler; set in an environment of floating islands ...[Read More]