Lewis Woodhouse

Lewis started Indie-Credible in the summer of 2016 after struggling to find a website that justifiably covered indie games. Although he can't deny his love for some AAA games (especially the Final Fantasy series) his true love lies in the indies - people say he plays too many indie games, but we all know that's not possible.

The Bunker looks to provide sleepless nights!

The Bunker releases this week and looks to create one of the most unique gaming experiences we’re yet to witness on consoles. Indie developers Splendy aim to completely immerse players with fully interactive live action gameplay. There is no doubt that horror games are on the rise, we probably have the brilliant P.T to thank for this. There’s also no doubt in saying that not all horror games provi...[Read More]

This weeks indie game console releases 19th September

Tuesday 20th September Dear Esther: Landmark Edition (PS4/ Xbox One) Dev: The Chinese Room/ Robert Briscoe Dear Esther originally released on PC back in 2012 on PC and was well received by both gamers and critics. The game is effectively a ghost story, told through a first-person perspective. The gameplay focusses on a lot of exploration, as you uncover mysteries of the island Dear Esther is set o...[Read More]


What better way to take your final bow as a developer than to create an homage to one of the most beloved genres in retro-gaming. As we, yet again, watch another indie developer close their doors for the final time, the team at Two Tribes banded together and stood tall, not wanting us to mourn their passing, but more… fill it with molten, hot, lead! Embracing their immanent demise, Two Tribes took...[Read More]

Syndrome looks atmospherically terrifying

Survival horror games have hugely grown in both popularity and ambition over the recent years; if well developed they can offer some of the most immersive and terrifying experiences in gaming. Indie developer Camel 101 looks to strike fear in to players with their upcoming release of Syndrome. Syndrome is set aboard a drifting ship lost in space. You awake from cryosleep to find that all is not as...[Read More]

First Impressions / Rive

There’s a reason Two Tribe’s Rive, released this week, made its way on to September’s Hotlist. This dual-stick shoot-em-up (shmup) revels in its retro-gaming heritage. With the mix of full 360 degree shooting and well designed platforming mechanics, there are times when this game feels like a well polished Gunstar Heroes. The game’s intense, adrenaline filled battles are made more frenetic with th...[Read More]

Review / DOGOS (PS4)

  Many modern games claim to offer a retro-gaming arcade experience, few really living up to their claim. However i’m very pleased to say that DOGOS really does bring that retro arcade feel to your living room. Indie developer OPQAM does such a good job that if this was an arcade machine i’d be broke from all the money I’d be pumping into it. As mentioned in my DOGOS first impressions the gam...[Read More]

Rad Rodgers Kickstarter

Growing up and playing video games in the 90’s it was impossible to not play a good plaformer, the genre ruled the gaming world for a considerable amount of time. Fast forward 20 years and platformers have made a considerable comeback, with some excellent titles pushing the genre forward. Hopefully there will be another title helping the resurgence of these nostalgic experiences, let my introduce ...[Read More]

Bounce Rescue: Pleasent Platforming

It’s fair to say that 2D platforms are one of the most popular choices for indie game developers, for one to get your attention it has to stand out in some way. Bounce Rescue, developed by Bitecore Ltd takes all the classic mechanics of a platformer, creating a charming presentation to deliver a pleasant, sometimes tricky experience. You play as a blob, well at least I think it’s a blob, who you m...[Read More]

Super Treasure Arena: Retro MOBA Madness

  Super Treasure Arena, developed by Vennril, throws all the elements of retro-gaming arcade action into a bowl, and mixes them with modern objective-based arena (MOBA) gameplay to create an exciting multiplayer experience. Compete against friends in crazy couch local multiplayer, aiming to hoard the most loot to win…even if it means stealing it! Super Treasure Arena has no room for friendshi...[Read More]

This weeks indie game console releases 12/9/16

It’s a great week for console indie gaming, featuring two games from our September hotlist. Tuesday 13th September Rive (PS4) Dev: Two Tribes Rive featured in our September Hotlist and is a game we are very excited to play. This action packed platform shooter throws players into the thick of it, linking both puzzle elements with frantic fast-paced action. Players are able to shoot 360 degree...[Read More]

Mother Russia Bleeds: Brutal Brawling Fun

If you grew up in the 90’s then there’s no doubt your familiar with a good side-scrolling co-op brawler, if you didn’t grow up in the 90’s then you missed out. Well, maybe you didn’t as indie developer La Cartel have brought us Mother Russia Bleeds. As the title suggest there is blood in the game, a lot of blood, in-fact Mother Russia Bleeds is one of the most violent games currently available. &n...[Read More]

Tumbleseed looks to offer a unique challenge

If your looking for a unique, playful but challenging experience then you are in luck. Tumbleseed, a 2D roly-poly puzzle game is created by five talented indie developers; Benedict, Joel, Greg, Jenna and David. You’ll never guess it but Tumbleseed has you playing as a seed… that tumbles. Although this concept sounds a little odd, by the looks of the trailer it creates a unique and challengin...[Read More]