Lewis Woodhouse

Lewis started Indie-Credible in the summer of 2016 after struggling to find a website that justifiably covered indie games. Although he can't deny his love for some AAA games (especially the Final Fantasy series) his true love lies in the indies - people say he plays too many indie games, but we all know that's not possible.

Indie-Credible Podcast S2 Ep37 – Some Hidden Indie Gems of 2019!

As always the boys share their impressions of what they’ve been playing, which see’s Tom chatting about Carrion, Lewis sharing some thought on Sparklite and Dan nailing his way through a beastly list of indie games. This weeks main topic sees us sharing a game that we loved playing this year but felt went under the radar. At the end of 2019 we will be publishing our ’10 indie hid...[Read More]

What is… Carrion

Join Tom as he checks out the new demo for upcoming horror metroidvania Carrion, which is developed by Phobia Game Studio and published by Devolver Digital. Carrion is releasing on PC and consoles in 2020.

Indie-Credible Podcast S2 Ep36 – Are we now seeing the death of AAA?

Finally all 3 of us are back in the same room! This weeks the guys share their impressions on Lonely Mountain: Downhill and Kine – which Tom has been playing the past few weeks. As always we take you through all the top indie game news from the week, which isn’t a lot I’m afraid this week. Our main topic is answering the question ‘are we starting to see the death of the AAA...[Read More]

This Week’s Best Indie Game Console Releases

We are happy to announce that these videos are back! Join us as we take you through our top pick of all the indie games releasing on your consoles this week. All games in this video are releasing the week starting 21st October. A full list of games featuring in this video is below: -Beholder 2 – 22nd October – PS4 -Destiny Connect: Tick-Tock Travellers – 22nd October – PS4/...[Read More]

REVIEW // Stranded Sails

On this weeks podcast Lewis sat down with Dan and shared his full impressions of Stranded Sails, a new adventure game by Lemonbomb Entertainment.

Indie-Credible Podcast S2 Ep35 – Our Stranded Sail Review

We are back with another weekly dive in to the world of indie gaming. This week Lewis and Dan talk about their time with titles like Kine, Demon Pit and a full review of Stranded Sails. As well as taking you through all the weeks top indie gaming news the guys also play a cheeky game of indie game high low to wrap the show up – let’s see if you can beat the bear! Help support Indie-Cre...[Read More]

Indie-Credible Podcast S2 Ep24 – PC Players Need to Get Over EGS Exclusivity!

Get exclusive pre and post-show content by supporting us on Patreon. Become a Patron! We are back with an episode that is sure to divide opinion! This week we are taking about the Epic Game store exclusivity argument – is it good or bad for the gaming industry? As always we talk about what indie games we’ve been playing and go through all this weeks top indie gaming news.

Indie-Credible Podcast S2 Ep23 – New Indie Game: Fatty Royal!

Get exclusive pre and post show content as well as no ads by supporting Indie-Credible on Patreon. Become a Patron! The whole team are back (the first time in 3 weeks) to bring you up to date with the latest indie game news and impression. As always we talk about all the indie games we’ve been playing, which is a meaty sections this week. The main topic here she’s the boys chewing the ...[Read More]

Indie-Credible Podcast S2 Ep22 – Our Etherborn Review

Support Indie-Credible on Patreon to get exclusive pre and post-show content on every podcast. Become a Patron! Due to busy schedules it’s another solo one! Join Lewis as he shares what he’s been playing as well as taking you though all this weeks main indie game news. There’s no main topic this week, instead Lewis will be sharing his full review of Etherborn – a new platfo...[Read More]

Indie-Credible Podcast S2 Ep21 – Our Blazing Chrome Review

Get exclusive pre and post-show content as well as no ads by supporting Indie-Credible on Patreon Become a Patron! Lewis and Tom are back to take you guys through all the weeks latest indie game news and Impressions. The big games we are talking about this week is Blazing Chrome, which Lewis have been getting destroyed it over the past few weeks. Our main topic this week is a pretty chilled one wh...[Read More]

Indie-Credible Comics! Episode1

Our new monthly comic show is here! Thanks for the support in letting us create this show guys, we hope you enjoy it. Let us know any feedback for next time. Comics featured in this episode: The Mind of James Svehgal Sparks and the Fallen Star Twisted Dark Listen to the Podcast: iTunes Soundcloud Spotify

Indie-Credible Comics!