Arrow Heads looks to be multiplayer archery fun at it’s best

Invite your friends over for some crazy archery fun

Have you every had the age-old argument with your friend over who really is the best archer among the group? I mean there’s always that one friend who literally thinks they are Legolas. Well, it’s time for that argument to be settled and find out who is the real Legolas. Arrow Heads is an upcoming arena archery game where only the best will stand triumphant (full disclosure, Legolas doesn’t actually feature in Arrow Heads, but would make some awesome DLC!).

Arrow Heads is currently being developed by OddBird, a collective group of Canadian Game Design Students. Arrow Heads will the indie developers first title, Co-founder Benjamin Scott shared the studio’s excitement in a recent press release, stating “We couldn’t be more excited that what began as a passion project will soon be available for everyone to play. We think people of all ages will really enjoy this silly but engaging game.”

So, what is Arrow Heads? Well, the pictures pretty much sum it up. At its core, the game is a multiplayer arena archery game, where you have the option to team up with a friend for some co-op fun or face off against them in a 2-4 player no-holds-barred competition. Both the free-for-all and co-op modes can be played online, but as with most multiplayer games, its best experienced with a group of friend on the couch.

The co-op mode works very similar to horde mode found in other games, where players must see off waves of enemies and rack up the highest score possible. The Arena mode is pretty self-explanatory – shoot your opponents in the head and be the last standing survivor. But it’s not just your opponents you’ll need to keep an eye out for. The different levels and environments you play through also have their dangers, and let’s be honest, it’ll be pretty embarrassing if you’re finished off by the environment and not an opponent.

Finally, like any great arcade inspired game, Arrow Heads is packed full of unlockables; from fancier bows to new birds to show off. Oh, and if you don’t fancy shooting arrows then why not swap them out for unicorns or guitars, seriously (though you’ll have to unlock them first).

Arrow Heads will release first on PC, available from the 21st September. Don’t panic, the game is coming to PS4 and Xbox One at the beginning of 2018, although no confirmed release date has been announced yet. You have to think that with the games multiplayer emphasis it would make a great addition to the Nintendo Switch’s indie library. To see Arrow Heads in action then check out the trailer below.

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