Absolver get new combat-focussed trailer and release date

The melee fighting game is coming on the 29th August.

Since the teaser trailer that released last year, Absolver has already built up a lot of hype, but not too many detail have been shared about the online melee action game; until now. Indie developers Sloclap and publishers Devolver Digital have not only shared more information on their upcoming game, but also provided us with a new trailer and a release date!

Absolver will release on PlayStation 4 and PC on August 29th, at the moment the game isn’t set to release on Xbox One. The new trailer (which can be watch below) not only shows off new gameplay footage, but also takes you through the three fighting styles players can choose at the beginning of the game.

So, what is Absolver? Well, as previously mention, Absolver is an online melee action game. You take the role of a Prospect, who has taken a sacred vow to join a group call the Absolvers – an elite corporation who fight to maintain stability in the world. Upon starting the game you’ll need to choose a fighting style for your Prospect, the options are:

Kahlt Method – This style allows you to absorb hits without any effect (stun or push back), you also regain lost health with every successful counter attack on your opponent.

Forsaken – This looks the most balanced fighting style, allowing you to parry attacks and briefly stun opponents.

Windfall – Windfall looks to be the fastest and most agile fighting style, allowing you to quickly evade attacks, leaving your opponent open to vicious counter attacks.

All of these styles can been seen in their full gameplay glory in the trailer below. Each of the fighter styles come with unique ability sets and their own special moves. Although their are only three style to choose when starting the game, more styles lie hidden in the world Adal, you’ll just need to find them.

The diverse fighting styles isn’t the only thing the new trailer outlines, we also learned more about the Combat Deck. The Combat Deck is the inventory of attacks your prospect can use during a fight. Decks are made up of four stances, each stance provides you with with different attacks, very similar to For Honor’s fighting gameplay. The Combat Deck bring an RPG element to Absolver; with them being fully customisable your able to built a deck to perfect suit your fighting style.