88 Heroes hands on

Beauty and mystery lurks in the depths

88 Heroes by Rising Star Games is a actioned packed platformer. We were lucky enough to play the game at EGX a few weeks ago, here’s what we thought.

The moment the game loads for the first time your invited in with clean pixel graphics and a retro pumping soundtrack. The game is completely based around the number 88, hence the title. Obviously, there’s 88 heroes, when you load a new game any 1 the 88 could spawn for you. Also when dying respawns as a new hero, much like last years hit Broforce. So, do the hero’s actually differ from one another? Hell yer they do!


The sheer diversity of the heroes has to be one of the strongest points of the game. Although I didn’t play as every hero (i’m not that bad), I played a majority of them (okay, so I’m pretty bad). How do they differ you ask, well, in pretty much every way you can imagine; some have the ability to double jump; some can’t jump at all; some shoot projectiles; some don’t even have an attacking option; oh, and theirs a goldfish. Seriously.

Not only do the heroes play differently, but they all look different too. It’s almost like the developers ran out of design ideas so came up with the whackiest and craziest designs, which is not a bad thing. Every time a new hero spawn I would admire the detail and originality it presented.


The demo we played only took us though 6 of the 88 levels. Each level acting as a floor, you have 88 second to reach the lift to moved to the next floor. To throw more 8’s into the equation you only have 88 minutes to finish the game. 88 Heroes brought about a real sense of urgency when being played, which pulled me into it’s crazy against-the-clock gameplay even further.

No official release date has been announced yet, we do know that 88 Heroes will be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Check out the trailer below.


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