80’s inspired racer Street Heat will hit Early Access at the end of the month

Some stylish multiplayer fun!

Street Heat is an action-packed, top-down racer that boasts a serious stylish design and pulsating 80’s soundtrack. This tense bumper-to-bumper action is best played with friends, especially in the fierce 4-player races and with the game hitting Early Access on the 30th November, you have just enough time to organise a pizza-fueled couch battling contest – may the best racer win.

Aside from slick visuals and an 80’s driven soundtrack what does Street Heat offer? Well, everything you’d expect from a racer is here; car customisation, competitive online races, a tournament mode and some pretty challenging AI for offline play.

One unique element to Street Heat’s gameplay is the randomised hazards each race will potentially throw at the players. As if battling against your friends’ intense races wasn’t enough you’ll need to dodge spontaneous oil slicks and deadly train carriages that may decide to come hurtling through the vibrant cityscapes. Just to add to the drama Street Heat doesn’t feature respawns, so when you’re out you’re really out!

Street Heat is releasing on PC in Early Access on the 30th November, although there’s no set release date for a console version I find it hard to believe this stylish arcade racer won’t feature on a major console platform in the future. To see this 80’s inspired top-down racer in action then check out the announcement trailer below.

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