5 Kickstarter Games to Support in May

Beauty and mystery lurks in the depths

*Apologies for the incorrect intro, we’re not too sure why it says 10th October or indie game releases?*

Every month tons of indie games look for your support on Kickstarter, but how do you know which ones may be worth your time. We delve into all the current running campaign to bring you a diverse selection of 5 games we think to deserve your attention. All games and a link to their current Kickstarter campaign are linked below.

DYSTOA – 8th May – Target = £4,500

Dolmen – 9th May – Target = £65,000

Faeland – 17th May – Target = £20,000

Escape Doodleland – 20th May – Target = £6,000

Backbone – 27th May – Target = £35,000

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