Robot Gentlemen announce new game: 60 Parsecs!

Will this sequel live up to the original?

You may know developers Robot Gentlemen for their highly successful debut game 60 Seconds! A game about surviving in a nuclear fallout bunker with only the supplies you managed to gather in the 60 seconds before the bombs hit. Well if you do then you’ll be very happy to hear last Friday a sequel was announced, this time called: 60 Parsecs!

60 Parsecs! follows much the same rules as the original game but this time moving the setting to space. In a rushed escape from the imminent nuclear destruction of your space station, you will have 60 seconds to gather your crew and as many useful supplies as possible for the long, procedurally generated adventure through outer space.

This won’t just be a simple reskin of the first game either, 60 Parsecs! Will have some big improvements to the scavenging and survival of 60 Seconds! With the addition of a crafting system and an emphasis on a more personal story, this seems to be shaping into a true improvement and evolution of the original.

Watch the trailer for 60 Parsecs! Below. The game will be available on Steam, and major consoles in 2018. To keep up to date on the game’s development, follow @robotgentleman on Twitter, or visit and to stay clued in on all Indie game news and reviews stay here on Indie-credible and subscribe to us on YouTube.