PREVIEW / Shotgun Legend

"Zelda with a shotgun", a better idea than a game.

Shotgun Legend is a sprite based adventure game that brings a huge emphasis on exploration. Playing as Eugene you are free to roam through various dungeons, encountering a variety of mystical creatures and useful objects, all of which you can pick up or buy to help you along your adventure. The main objective of the game is to find and rebuild The Rim, a teleporting device which may prove to be your only ticket home.

To successfully fulfil this task Eugene will need to complete 9 unique dungeons, all guarded by traps and puzzles which can prove tricky to be solved. In the dungeons there is always a very different item to assist your journey. These items include things such as Dynamite or a Wave gun, all of which are need to be utilised effectively to unlock the next dungeon tier, they also may help you defeat the boss at the end of each level.

The bosses are challenging at times, their long ranged attacks provide a logistical challenge to avoid, especially when there are a ton of monsters spawning around you, adding an extra level of difficulty to these mostly enjoyable boss fights.

Although Shotgun Legend is fun to play at first, gameplay can get repetitive. There’s only so many times you can run into a dungeon and explore it until you find the map, which, in turn, unlocks the location of the final boss room; and once you defeat the boss you have to do it all over again. After the 5th level this was a tiresome task, especially with the lack of save points, meaning you’ll have to re-run the entire dungeon, from start to finish if killed.

Shotgun Legend is releasing to PC players via Steam on June 1st. To see this quirky sprite adventure game in action then check out the trailer below.