No Heroes Here: Winner of ‘Best Social Game’ coming to Nintendo Switch

A tower defence that looks to be great fun to play on those little joy-cons.

There was a time when local multiplay looked to be dead in the water; however, more and more titles look to be focussing around the enjoyment of playing with friends…especially from the increasingly popular indie gaming scene. No Heroes Here, by indie developers Mad Mimic Interactive, looks to be another great addition to the couch co-op market.

The game combines tower defence and simulation mechanics to bring an explosive and frantic experience that will make friends improve on their friendship… or potentially break it forever. Players must work together to help keep a barrage of NPC enemies from breaking into their castle.

To effectively do this requires a lot of teamwork and communication. Firstly you’ll need to assemble your defence, throughout your castle there are several stations and raw material deposits, which you’ll need to build your cannons – just don’t make a mistake, or your castle may go boom!

Once you have built your canons you’ll then need to keep their ammunition stock high to prevent a break in the rhythm of battle. Oh, and don’t forget to clean them before re-using them, or you may struggle hitting the target your aiming for. Finally you’ll have to tactical assess each situation; with 4 different enemy types to defend your castle against you’ll need to make sure everyone in the team knows what they’re doing.

No Heroes Here was recently awarded ‘Best Social Game’ at the Game Connection America 2017. The game is still in a development stage, but hopefully we’ll be able to get our hands on the it this year. It has not been confirmed to which platforms No Heroes Here will be releasing on, you have to think that the local multiplayer aspect looks to suit the Nintendo Switch perfectly. To see the game in action then check out the developer video blog below.